How to make Hair Beautiful and Healthy?

Beauty industry is not the most budgetary sphere, however, you can get beautiful thick hair outside expensive salons. Below are the main secrets of healthy hair at home.

Hair Beauty Nutrition The best “diet” for healthy thick hair is foods rich in calcium, iron, and other minerals and vitamins. These include salmon, green vegetables, legumes, nuts, poultry, eggs, dairy products and carrots. The main thing is not to overeat.

Proper combing and washing

Neglecting the rules of personal hygiene, of course, will not give a healthy look to the hair, but washing your hair too often deprives them of natural fat protection. This increases the activity of the sebaceous glands and leads to faster hair contamination. For normal hair, it is considered optimal to wash once every three days, for dry hair - once every six, but greasy can be washed every other day. Water should not be too hot: high temperatures cause hair loss. After washing off the shampoo, you can apply a balm or mask to the hair, which will smooth out the revealed flakes. You can get additional details by checking out and learn more.


It is possible to improve blood circulation “manually”. Thumbs with this massage act as a support, and the rest move from the center of the forehead to the back of the head. It is better to start with light pressure and rubbing, gradually increasing strength. But do not overdo it, otherwise the massage will turn into a headache. Washing your hair before the procedure is not recommended, but combing your hair is a must. There are also specially designed massagers for the head, which come in different trim levels and price categories


The Internet is replete with all kinds of folk recipes for masks, which are easy to prepare at home, for strong and healthy hair. Typically, such masks contain natural oils: burdock, castor, sea buckthorn and others, as well as food products: from kefir with honey to cognac with mayonnaise. However, one should not rush into the preparation of a “miracle potion”: there is a risk of getting the opposite effect or walking with some remnants of dubious mass in your hair for several more days. It is better to read user reviews about such hair masks in advance, and it is desirable that the author has a similar problem and hair type

Vitamins for Hair Beauty

It has long been believed that vitamins A and B, as well as biotin, which supports the functioning of the nervous system, is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair, positively affect the beauty of hair. However, these vitamins have a general effect, and the most effective “healthy hair formula” contains other, specialized components. These include inositol (a vitamin-like substance that protects hair from negative effects) and dwarf palm fruit extract.
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